Nichigo G-Tape™ started over 50 years ago in a coastal city in Japan as a response to a changing construction industry. A need for high quality, safe, and residue free tape was growing.

1009GR slowly gained traction across the Japanese construction market. Over the decades, the product spread throughout Japan and has become an industry leader. The hand-tear ability and residue free removal make it the ideal tape for many different applications.

Capabilities grew and Nippon Gohsei eyed other verticals and markets. The full breadth of the Nichigo G-Tape™ product line was introduced to the United States and Europe in the 2010s.
In April of 2017 it was announced that Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation purchased the remaining shares of Nippon Gohsei and was now full owners of the company.

The Nichigo G-Tape™ product line moved to the Mitsubishi Chemical America group starting in April 1, 2019.