High Adhesion Masking and Packaging Tape (Blue color)

Nichigo G-Tape™ 2010BL is a single sided tape made with a laminated polyethylene cloth and proprietary acrylic adhesive. 2010BL offers superior physical properties and easy handling when compared against conventional tapes.

MCA is the sole agent of Nichigo G-Tape, a product of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Key Features

  • Easy to tear by hands straight: No cutting tool is required
  • Scrap-less: face to face contact of adhesive separates without damaging the adhesive
  • High weather resistance: Residue free removal even after 1 month
  • Easy repositionable: No wrinkles and good finishing
  • Standard colors are black, blue and red. Other colors available upon special request are gold, silver, yellow and white

Application Ideas

  • Masking for concrete, stucco, mortars, and bricks
  • Using as a line tape and caution sign tape
  • Quick stick for various materials



Solvent Resistance




Typical Properties

Content Unit Value Test method
Thickness mil (mm) 6.3 (0.16) PSTC 133
Peel adhesion oz/in (N/cm) 40 (4.4) PSTC 101
Shear adhesion mil (mm) 16 (0.4) PSTC 107
Breaking strength lbf/in (N/cm) 28 (50) PSTC 131
Elongation % 15 PSTC 131
Temperature use range °F -40 to 200 MCC method


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