Self-Adhering Flashing Tape

Nichigo G-Tape™e 3040BK is a self-adhering flashing tape that is suitable for installation of exterior wall fenestration products. Including, but not limited to, decks, windows and doors. 3040BK maintains its performance even after prolonged exposure to sunlight and rain. 3040BK adhesive self-heals around steel and galvanized aluminum fasteners, protecting from rust and wood rot.

MCA is the sole agent of Nichigo G-Tape, a product of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

3040BK Deck Flashing Tape

Safety Data Sheet Product Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Meets AAMA 711-13; Type A (without primer), Level 3 (exposure up to 176°F) and AC 148
  • Easy to tear by hands straight: No cutting tool is required
  • Scrap-less: face to face contact of adhesive separates without damaging the adhesive
  • Light weight: 50 to 70% lighter than conventional window flashing tape


  • Seaming, splicing of insulation sheets, house wraps, and wall boards
  • Seaming, splicing around window frame
  • Using as a waterproofing tape on outdoor deck’s rafter


  • Control Voc

    Control Voc

  • UV Resistance

    UV Resistance

  • Viscosity


  • Waterproof



Composition Composition

Typical Properties

Content Unit Value Test method
Thickness mil (mm) 9.4 (0.24) PSTC 133
Peel adhesion oz/in (N/cm) 136 (15) PSTC 101
Shear adhesion mil (mm) 39 (1.0) PSTC 107
Breaking strength lbf/in (N/cm) 44.5 (78) PSTC 131
Elongation % 17 PSTC 131
Temperature use range °F -40 to 200MCC method

Note: Typical values, not for specification or guarantee purpose


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