UV Protection Flame Retardant Sheet

Nichigo G-Tape™ 5007BK is a unique surface protection sheet: light weight, flexibility, and high tensile strength. Also, has high durability for UV, weathering, and temperature fluctuation. 5007 BK fits indoor/outdoor surface protection of fuselage, wing, assembly. 5007 BK passed the burning test FAR25.853(a).

MCA is the sole agent of Nichigo G-Tape, a product of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Safety Data Sheet Product Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Easy to tear by hands straight: No cutting tool is required
  • Extra high UV shielding: Protect assemblies from the sun
  • Flame retardancy: Passed FAR25.853(a) vertical burning test


  • Temporary repairing of interior equipment and furniture in cabin
  • Sticking of bills, invoices, and memorandum on meal carts, galley walls, and lids
  • For fixing, we recommend flame retardant adhesive tape “Nichigo G-Tape 5808BK”.


  • Flame Retardant

    Flame Retardant

  • UV Resistance

    UV Resistance

  • Waterproof


  • Weatherability



Composition Composition

Typical Properties

ContentUnit Value Test method
Weight oz/yd2 (g/m2) 4.4 (150) MCC method
UV transmittance (200-400nm) % ≤ 1MCC method
Breaking strength lbf/in (N/cm) 28.5 (50) PSTC 131
Elongation % 12 PSTC 131

Note: Typical values, not for specification or guarantee purpose


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