Halogen-Free Non Textile Flooring Bonding Tape

Nichigo G-Tape™ 5935CL is light weight NTF bonding tape. Newly designed polyethylene cloth and acrylic adhesives contribute fuselage weight saving. Permanent side has good tackiness for rough surfaces. Removable side has good repositionability and easy removability without adhesive residue.

MCA is the sole agent of Nichigo G-Tape, a product of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Key Features

  • Easy to tear by hands straight: No cutting tool is required
  • Easy repositionable and clean removable: Good finishing, good workability
  • High adhesion on NTFs’ backside: Easy installation
  • Flame retardancy: Passed FAR25.853(a) vertical burning test

Application Ideas

  • Bonding of NTFs and floor coverings (Includes PVCs) in cabin, galley, and lavatory – Adhesion to PVC-made NTF is strongly depended on their material
  • Bonding of carpets in cabin – If you need very high adhesion to carpet, we propose “5950CL”


Flame Retardant





Typical Properties

Content Unit Value Test method
Thickness mil (mm) 8.3 (0.21) PSTC 133
Peel adhesion - Permanent oz/in (N/cm) 73 (8) PSTC 101
Peel adhesion - Removable oz/in (N/cm) 25 (3) PSTC 101
Shear adhesion - Permanent min. 30 PSTC 107
Shear adhesion - Removable mil (mm) 4 (0.1) PSTC 107
Breaking Strength lbf/in 16 PSTC 131
Elongation % 20 PSTC 131


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