What does AAMA Certified Mean?

Acronyms are everywhere, and it’s tough to remember what they mean or why they are important. The tape world is no different.

In the construction world, one of the most important tape qualification standards comes from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, or the aforementioned AAMA.

To be AAMA Certified, a tape needs to meet certain criteria to be used in construction projects such as deck and window flashing. There are tests to confirm whether the tape will form a good seal around a faster when driven through and also whether it will self-heal around the fastener.

The name Mitsubishi is synonymous with quality and technology, and we here at Mitsubishi Chemical America are committed to bringing only the highest quality products to market. Our 3040BK (and our 3035BK and 3045BK, but more on those in later blog posts) have been developed specifically to meet or exceed requirements for the AAMA certification.

The test method involves hand-screwing pan head screws into a sheet of plywood that has a layer of tape applied. There are two things to note about this testing. First, since many variables come into play with hand-screwing fasteners, the test specifically calls for multiple fasteners to be used on the same piece of plywood. While this does not completely eliminate variability, it does provide a good benchmark for approval.

The second thing to note for all you home testers out there, is that the type of fastener also plays a role in how tightly the seal forms. The AAMA designates the zinc #8 pan head to be used for the official testing to ensure consistency of results, but the further you stray from this size/style of screw the tougher it will be to get a tight seal. Just for kicks we tested 3040BK against the zinc #8, but also a host of other specialty screws!

Read more about our testing on 3040BK against AAMA specification in the first report below. Read about our trials with specialty screws in the second report below.


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